It kind of reminds me of the three little monkeys you the ones Hear no evil see no evil say no evil.. Thats what the church makes me think of. I still regard her as the finest teacher I ever had., More than a dozen other former Keough students described Cesnik as an outstanding teacher. Churches in general considered me a sinner, but the Catholic Church in particular would have had me burning in Hell, lest I submit to some kind of cure. But when they ambushed Cathy after she came back from her shopping errands, Cathy defied them, started to run and Billy and Ronnie Schmidt panicked and hit her on the head with a ball peen hammer and a handheld sledge hammer. Pingback: The Keepers: 'I've dealt with survivors and they're sickened by the church's response' | StodiWeb News, Pingback: The Keepers: 'I've dealt with survivors and they're sickened by the church's response' | Television & radio -, Pingback: The Keepers: Ive dealt with survivors and theyre sickened by the churchs response | BuzzWare. that any of this has anything to do with the character of God? He worked Ireland without his title Priest as Dr. Thomas Maskell with the South Eastern Health Board in its Wexford Community Care. Joseph Maskell/Dr. Korvettes department store in Glen Burnie. When politicians are charged with crimes, prosecutors sometimes insist that any plea deal include a stipulation that they refrain from running for office in the future, or else judges impose such a restriction as a term of probation. A safe place where debauchery was practiced and where Clerics could indulgence in excessive sex, alcohol, and drugs. This is an intriguing thought that Russell was more involved than people think. Instead, Phillips had phoned a Catholic priest living in a Jesuit community known as Manresa, located near Annapolis. He is also survived by his six brothers and sisters: Kathy Hook, Mary Ciampa, Larry Maskell, Tommy Maskell, Raymond Maskell and Charles Maskell. The School was owned by the local Catholic Church and Father James Grennan was the chairman of the school and its handpicked committee. Her body was discovered on January 3, 1970, near a garbage dump in the Baltimore suburb of Lansdowne.Her unsolved murder served as the basis for . Tom, just finished watching The Keepers last night. In a letter of introduction from Archbishop William Keeler, of Baltimore, later Cardinal William Keeler to the Archbishop of Dublin, Desmond Connell, later Cardin Desmond Connell. I have questions abt Russell and the night it took place. Bishop Comiskey dismissed the testimony of the girls, without ever meeting them, or without seeing the Health Board reports. The body was pretty much covered by snow, but it didnt take us long to figure out who she was. The show is responsible for initiating a deeper look into the case of A. Joseph Maskell and Sister Cathy Cesnik, as Baltimore County Police start investigating again due to a public outcry. (Anthony) Joseph Maskell. A few of the Irish Priests had returned to Ireland, burned out with their own multiple problems as Priests, shrugging with their faith, sex, their personal loneliness and life in general. To Al: I read your analysis with interest and I agree that Sister Russell is the missing link with Sister Cathys murder. Joseph Maskell never come to visit them. I never knew you. So it would seem that just because someone tells you that they are a Christian, it doesnt necessarily make them one, not in the true sense. It seems clear to me that Billy Schmidts nephew Brians interview with Alan Horn is the key to understanding the events of that night. Regardless, Cesnik had a future outside the church with the priest firmly in mind: I must tell you, I want you within me. We havent ruled anything out, including Father Maskell, and we have gone back to reinvestigate the Malecki killing and possible links to the Cesnik case.. I am simply stating the facts. Apologies!! We are learning that many of the pedophile rings flourished and operated in all the Irish Seminary Colleges, with older Catholic Priests, actively recruiting young student Priests into their secret societies. Disgracefully, the Department of Education did nothing. Once in Dublin City, Dr. Thomas Maskell, was able to contact a network of fellow Priests who could help him, with accommodation, food, work and money if he needed it. I know this for a fact. He hadnt been working so Im sure he needed money and was up to some shady things since he had been lying to his wife abt going to work. Father Maskell loved to ride around in our police cars, and more than once he rode with me. . During a December 2003 interview withCity Paper, two detectives on the squad provided a sketchy account of their latest findings. Im not saying any of this for sympathy. Although the preponderance of evidence suggests that Father Maskell committed acts of sexual abuse at Keough, many of his former parishioners, family members, and friends continue to defend himincluding former police officers. Simply put, the threat of eternal damnation by a so-called Benevolent Being is so contradictory by itself for it was invented to keep believers firmly inside the dogma for control purposes. Of course as a Priest with a signed letter from the Bishop, Brendan Comiskey of Ferns, Wexford. Change). It is in everything you see and touch. Am I perfect? Many Catholic Priests worked and lived in the U.S.A. and many more Irish Catholic Priests travelled on holidays, regularly to visit fellow Catholic Priests they went to Seminary Colleges l with or they were members of the secret society of pedophiles. I came from a devout Catholic family. I wish I could be your friend at age 14. It was specifically stated earlier that she had no maggots after being left in the open for 2 months. 45 Years Later, the Search for Answers Goes On. Dear Tom, I know you must be getting a million crazy takes on this mystery. It was here, in a crowded neighborhood punctuated by half a dozen clattering steel mills, that Catherine Ann Cesnik lived out her 1950s childhood. Yet, He let His Chosen shepherds such as father Maskell raped and sexually abused those young and innocent girls under His watching eyes, with ease and got away with it. Fr Sean Fortune was consider a prolific pedophile, we know of two of the boys committed suicide and all the other boys lives were ruined. He knew dozens of Irish Priests that had at one time or another worked in the City of Baltimore as Catholic Priests, many of these Irish Priests he knew personally and worked with over the years. How would you feel if it happen to one of yours. One of the possible reasons behind Cesniks apparent stress became clearer in June of that year, when she asked permission from her Notre Dame superiors to enter a period of exclaustration, an experiment in which she would live outside the convent, while also substituting civilian dressskirts, blouses, dressesfor the traditional nuns habit. Thomas Maskell was a master manipulator, this manipulator deliberately created an imbalance of power, and exploited the victims, children, to serve his own evil perversions. But God does promise that if we believe in Him and turn to Him, He will be with us and He has already overcome all evil. As soon as we opened the purse, we found a prescription bottle with her name printed on it. Bishop Donal Herlihy had a clear policy of transferring known pedophile Priests once discovered to have raped children and to promote the pedophile Priest, moving them into a different parish within the dioceses of Ferns. We made the decision that it was time to put the heat on Koob, he said in the spring of 2004. Regular complaints were made against Fr Sean Fortune since the mid 1970s, his Bishop, Donal Herlihy sent Fr Sean Fortune for psychological assessment, which found that his behaviour. On wonders why He could not just have forgiven them by flicking a finger! It has been a global collection of buildings of wood and stone controlled and manipulated by deceitful, corrupt, depraved souls used for the express purpose of preying on the ignorance of easily malleable people and the innocence of children. And when it did, Sister Cathy wound up on the garbage dump with her skull caved in., Bud Roemer always drank his coffee black. It has its root in the four books (by unknown writers other than their given names) that were selected out of a dozens or so of contemporary books at Nicaea council in 325 by Constantines order. Yours truly, Al Spoler. Once a pedophile always a pedophile. . Father Donal Collins inspected and measured the penises of up to twenty boys in St Peters school dormitory on the pretext of checking their development. He fell silent, and leaned back in his chair. But he had a degree in Psychologist from Harvard University in America. Children as young as 8 years old were taken from their classrooms while preparing for their Communion and raped, patients in hospitals were raped, schoolboys were raped in public toilets, a teenage girl was told she would have her child taken from her if she ever told that the father, a pedophile rapist was a local Catholic Priest who raped her, since the age of 8. Make no mistake,Fr. Jane Doe says she cant remember his face, that its blurred out in her memories. But many of the other participants in the abuse including possible cops have never been identified, though Baltimore Police say they're still investigating. . . I agree with you on Billy, the fact that he was gay is big to me as well and not only making him easier to control. That hole is perfectly round, and about the size of a quarter.Ive studied that photo over and over again, trying to imagine how she might have died, he said. Catherine Cesnik is the reason I became a teacher, says Hoskins, 52, today. Malecki, a secretary for a liquor distributor in the Baltimore area, had been abducted from the parking lot of an E.J. The Catholic Church sits on over 50 miles of books, ancient scrolls, statues paintings and sculptures, and knowledge that they have stolen and hidden from the world. And may I say, I am not a nut. Dr. Thomas Maskell was also in the unique position of given prescription drugs to the vulnerable children, whether they deeded it or not. Anthony Joseph Maskell (April 13, 1939 - May 7, 2001) was an American Catholic priest who was removed from the ministry because of sexual abuse toward female students at Archbishop Keough High School between 1969 and 1975. In fact, people around the world were so distraught at learning about Sister Cathy's case that they started flooding the Baltimore County Police with calls. Fr. We are the devolved ancestors of those advanced peoples. At that time, I was still considered a deviant in the eyes of the psychiatric/ psychology community, with a listing in the DSM specific to my illness. I could be banned from certain jobs, legally, ESPECIALLY teaching. I saw it in play, over and over and over. He used to ride around at night in an unmarked patrol car with a cop, says one woman who toldCity Papershed been abused. Thus its odd location. I went to Catholic school but certain reasons I do not believe like my family does. In that situation, the killer usually wants to get the hell away from there. I write this but will always carry my faith in God,Jesus but not in the church. Is the survivors have the scares on the inside that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives they never get peace or closure . You need to finish watching the doc- not only did the investigators find that the week Cathy was killed it was unusually warm, warm enough for maggots ( and maggots do fine outdoors), her autopsy revealed that she had maggots in her stomach and trachea which is where they would have moved once the the temps got colder in the weeks her body was out in the open after her death. (Did anybody check to see if either Sister Russell or Billy Schmidt was missing a rug from their apartments?) What you are saying is quite true. It doesnt make any sense to me. Thats fine, he told the priest. It had been a busy week. Fr Maskell's brother Tommy served 20 years with the Baltimore City Police, making lieutenant. . Matthews 18:6. Bishop Brendan Comiskey, an auxiliary bishop in Dublin. I also have some questions, in the same vein, regarding Russelland possibly Cathy. Possible it was the one given to the lady who believes her husband played a role in it. Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik disappeared, on November 11, 1969. . Joseph Maskell didnt do what most Irish American would do if coming to Ireland for the first time, look up Irish connections and places of their Parents Fr. Father Maskells friends suggested that Father Joseph Maskell had friends in Wexford and maybe that would be a better location for him. of website (they approve all sites), for more info simply BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A DNA sample taken from the remains of former Baltimore priest A. Joseph Maskell does not match DNA from the murder scene of Sister . For those of you who condemn Christianity based on your own experiences and the actions of some, I will tell you that the beautiful, helpful programs are out there and so are many self-sacrificing people who work tirelessly for the good of others. Lieutenant Joseph Thomas (Tommy) Maskell, survived the shooting, but later retires. I hope we can get closure on Sister Cathy, before I go to meet my maker., Story courtesy of BALTIMORE SUN/City Paper. But if I may add my own take, Id be grateful if you would at least consider it. Other friends and family members point to the fact that Father Maskell's brother, Lt. Tommy Maskell, had served with distinction as a member of the Baltimore City Police from 1946 to '66. I spent two years in a seminary. Father James Grennan was a pedophile who showed his victims, innocent children, with no mercy. Your choice! AsThe Sunreported on June 19, 1994, in interviews with the police andSun, [Jane Doe] provided details about the body that were known only to investigators at the time, and detectives have not dismissed her claims., Former priest Gerry Koob also recalls that investigators of Father Maskell in the mid-1990s told him that Doe had remembered the garbage dump accurately. But I took my job to heart, and I put everything I had into it. I think at least six people were present when Cathys body was dumped the first time. Science has not been able to explain how every embryo, from human to frog to fish looks exactly the same right up until a certain point where a tadpole tail becomes legs and toes fins become arms and fingers, gills become lungs. In 1955, two students at Archbishop Keough, Jean Wehner, and Teresa Lancaster reported that they were sexually abused by Father Joseph Maskell, a priest at Archbishop, and filed a case against him. According to News Week, the victim had suppressed the violent memories . But that time is soon coming to an end. If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: And while I honestly believe it appears overlooked in this world I know in my heart that she was cannonised as a saint when she went to heaven. For starters, Roemer was surprised to discover that the nuns roommateSister Helen Russell Phillipshad not called the police after becoming alarmed when Cesnik failed to return from the brief shopping trip by 11 p.m. The need for this kind of role is pretty straightforward. Two paths in the yellow wood Seems like an odd poem to use as a eulogy. I admire the courage of Sister Cathy and the women who came forward to try to correct this horrific injustice. In 1994, two women featured in "The Keepers," Jean Hargadon Wehner and Teresa Lancaster, sued Maskell and the Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore for $40 million over the abuse allegations. He knew how to detect and manipulate the vulnerable childs vulnerabilities, ruthlessly. Intensely religious, Cathy was deeply impressed by some of her dedicated Notre Dame teachersso impressed that by the time she moved on to St. Augustine Catholic High School in 1956 she was already thinking about entering the Notre Dame convent and becoming a School Sister herself. My period has finally arrived, ten days late. Says one former high-ranking Baltimore County Police investigator who preferred not to be identified: Whoever dumped the nuns body there had to know the area well. I personally dont place a lot of importance on Edgar driving Cathys car with two feet, as the detective says. Father Joseph Maskell travelled not as a Priest but as Dr. Thomas Maskell, clinical psychologist. He gave us free will. But given that she said shed never seen him before, Id be willing to bet he wasnt actually part of the priesthood. When we were working a murder case like the one with Sister Cathy, a 12-hour day was strictly routine.. A production still from the Netflix docuseries The Keepers. A recent WJZ. It is actually Luciferian in nature and admittedly so by the Pope. I just want you to know, at one point you think people wont agree but I know I see it in your eyes. And that was done by the Catholic Church. Religion is a flawed, human invented system of control over their fellow human beings. A local Priest, who would help with money, lawyers, police and documents and cover story if needed. I am more surprised that so many people are so surprised of the atrocities that this church, For the lack of another word, is capable of. On the other side, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died and their country became a new battleground for sectarian fighting. His alibihe had eaten dinner and taken in the movieEasy Riderwith his priest friend in Annapolis before the call from Sister Helenproved airtight. Fellow pedophile Fr Sean Fortune violently raped dozens of boys at the same College, St. Peters, Seminary College, Wexford. Joseph Maskell/Dr. Some possible solutions: I think Gerry killed her because if he couldnt have her, no-one could. . Maskell's older brother, Tommy, was a hero cop who had been shot and injured while trying to stop a robbery. The oldest of eight, he was born October 27, 1938, in Baltimore, MD. It has never been about religion, thats where everybody keeps getting hung up and confused. The third most important clergy in the Catholic charged with sexual abuse. Bishop Comiskey removed Fortune from Poulfor in 1987, and appointed him to another parish at Ballymurn, where there were further complaints. Maskell, like all good villains, needed henchmen. What got me the most was Mikes death. Catherine Anne Cesnik SSND (born November 17, 1942; disappeared November 7, 1969) was an American Catholic religious sister who taught English and drama at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore, Maryland.On November 7, 1969, Cesnik disappeared. By referring the four Gospels by Luke, Matthews, John and Mark as words of God, those Bishops at Nicaea council made their agendas beyond challenge and their positions of powerful authority. Instead, they told me that my best chance of finding the killer was to talk to the producers ofUnsolved Mysterieson television and try to get them interested in the case., After reviewing the new information uncovered byCity Paper,FBI spokesman Maddox concluded : All of these coincidences certainly rise to the level of possible significance for solving both killings. In July 1991, Father Donal Collins resigned as Principal of the College and was sent to Florida, in America where he sought counselling in one of the Catholic Churchs many pedophile treatment clinics while he continued to serve as a Priest in a Catholic Parish nearby, in Florida. I think we both saw a little wastebasket spilled overbut that did not suggest a struggle to me. In his position as a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Thomas Maskell was paid by the Catholic Church, his salary, home and office expenses were paid and he was in a unique position to manipulate the vulnerable children, that would be sent to him at the recommendation of say the local medical doctor, the local Priest or Bishop, as a first choice. St. Peter's Seminary College, in Wexford Town had a boarding school for boys attached to the Seminary College. 1940s James Maskell. That is a lie. I dont agree with a lot of what you think goes on in the documentary. Of all the people and organisations involved in this blatant miscarriage of justice, the FBI allegedly having fingerprints and forensic evidence, but saying a lack of money and manpower is the reason they wont process is asinine. And they also incorporated others into their little scheme and its all obvious it is for protection. Canon Martin Clancy was a serial child rapist, who preyed on at least 5 young girls and as much as 28 other young girls. Ireland at the time was soon to begin to explode with the Clerics sex scandals of the Irish Catholic Church. Hate to break it to them it makes them look even worse when its found out! There were credible reports from Florida that he, Father Donal Collins continued his rape of children while serving the local community as a Priest in Florida. He could also officiate at the local Catholic Church as a guest Priest at Sunday Services. How can I help? Wouldnt her friend have !mentioned this?? The Archdiocese also confirmed forCity Paperlongstanding reports that Father Maskell had kept handguns at the parish rectory where he lived: After his departure from St. Augustines in 1994, guns were found in the residence., Shortly before the lawsuit (Jane Doe et al.

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